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Zalto Denk'Art Bordeaux Glass

Zalto DenkArt Bordeaux Glass

Manufacturer Name: Zalto Glassware
Your Price: $61.95

Product Details

Introducing a new generation of mouth-blown lead-free and dishwasher-safe wine glasses the ZALTO DENK`ART Collection luxury stemware you could sense from your fingertips to the moment you take your first sip. From the first touch each Zalto glass distinguishes itself from all other glasses. From the perfectly executed balance to the extraordinary design the achievement of the Denk`Art line are glasses that seem nearly too delicate to hold and yet they are made for just that. This is glassware that stands at the rarefied point where form meets function. This is art. The development of the Denk`Art series was influenced by the earth in accordance to the tilt angles of the Earth. Thus the curve of the bowls are tilted at the angles of 24 degrees 48 degrees and 72 degrees. The Zalto Denk'Art Bordeaux glass is recommended for wines full of character and high in tannins. Accentuates potency concentration extract and tannins. Especially for: Bordeaux Rioja Brunello Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Shiraz Blaufrnkisch and Zweigelt. Lead-Free. Dishwasher-Safe. Dimensions: 9.4' height 23 ounces

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