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WineHive 22-Bottle Modular Wine Rack

WineHive 22-Bottle Modular Wine Rack

Manufacturer Name: WineHive
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Product Details

The WineHive was designed by John Paulick an award-winning industrial designer in Philadelphia. John is an alumni of Philadelphia University's Industrial Design program and a certified Biomimicry Specialist fro The Biomimicry Institute's inaugural Biomimicry Specialty program. WineHive is a nature-inspired modular wine rack with infinite add-on capability. Made in the USA from recyclable aluminum it can grow to fit any size wine collection. John remembers watching a documentary on bees and just being completely in awe at how bees engineer these efficient little structures with such incredible precision. He was truly inspired and wanted to create a larger honeycomb structure as a tribute to these tiny engineers. At the time John was designing high-end shower doors made from extruded aluminum and saw an opportunity while attending a kitchen and bath trade show to transcend extruded aluminum from the typical bathroom applications of shower doors and vanities into the kitchen. The kitchen countertop stood out to John as prime real estate and with wine playing such an intrinsic role in most traditional cooking a wine rack seemed like the perfect product. At that point John had the inspiration and application for his new product and just needed to design it. The real magic behind WineHive's ingenuity is John's patent-pending interlocking system. It's comprised of just a single structural element that repeats itself to form an infinite array of honeycomb structures. Using an 'I' shaped piece instead of a 'Y' or another shape allows the WineHive to not only create beautiful closed honeycomb shapes but also pack flat for efficient shipping. The key design principle behind the honeycomb beehive is the 120-degree joint system which disperses weight loads far more efficiently than our manmade 90-degree structures while using far less material. It also creates perfectly modular hexagonal shapes that nest beautifully with one another. Another key design principle is optimal material usage as bees use a minimal amount of wax material to create a maximum strength honeycomb structure. Following these principles and crafting the WineHive from sturdy aluminum allowed John to utilize a very thin wall thickness for the WineHive resulting in a very low overall material usage. John utilized the power of crowdfunding on Kickstarter to bring the WineHive to market. With an initial funding goal of $15k for tooling and first production costs John raised over $65k in preorders in less than 30 days. WineHive is available in both Silver Satin and Black Satin anodize finishes and will add modern organic styling to your kitchen or bar.

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