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Wine Bottle Tags

EuroCave Shelf TagsOur wine bottle tags selection offers a wide variety of products for wine lovers, all of which are designed to heighten the enjoyment of your fine wines. Browse our impressive selection of items such as 24 Cork-Faced Wine Bottle Tags, EuroCave Shelf Tags and 100 Wine Bottle Tags to name a few. At Chilled to Perfection we offer only the highest quality products from well known manufacturers of wine accessories and storage solutions like EuroCave, Miscellaneous Brands and Wine Enthusiast. And you can rest assured that you'll be completely pleased with your purchase because every item that we offer is fully backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee! So no matter whether you're looking for a state of the art wine fridge to store your wines at the proper temperatures, a corkscrew that will allow you to effortlessly open your wine, or exceptional wine gifts that will delight loved ones, you're certain to find everything you need here at Chilled to Perfection.

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100 Wine Bottle Tags (Reusable)
Click image to enlarge.

Features/Attributes: Reusable

Manufacturer Name: Wine Enthusiast

Your Price: $14.95   

Organize your wines for easy access. Wine bottle tags do away with hide & seek. Find the exact wine and year you're looking for at a glance while other wines slumber on undisturbed. Whether you have 50 or 5 000 wine bottles our wine bottle tags are the...   more info...

EuroCave Shelf Tags (Set of 25)
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Features/Attributes: Set of 25

Manufacturer Name: EuroCave

Your Price: $7.99   ($9.95) YOU SAVE: $1.96

An ingenious system that makes it easy to sort and find bottles in your wine cellar. Label the shelves of your EuroCave wine cellar with these precision cut and ruled shelf tags. The labels are resin coated for durability and allows for you to write with...   more info...

24 Cork-Faced Wine Bottle Tags
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Manufacturer Name: Miscellaneous Brands

Your Price: $14.95   

For collecting it's the natural choice. Genuine cork from Portugal's famous cork trees give wine organization a purist look. Write the year varietal region or any other descriptor for your wine directly on the tag cut to fit over standard and large-size...   more info...

White Reusable Wine Bottle Tags
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Manufacturer Name: Wine Enthusiast

Your Price: $16.95   

More space for more info! With 50% more writing space than the standard wine bottle tag with these oversized wine bottle tags you now have room for additional info such as varietal vintage point rating tasting notes even messages like 'Saving this one...   more info...

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