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Vinotheque Bella Vista with N'FINITY Cooling Unit

Vinotheque Bella Vista with NFINITY Cooling Unit

Manufacturer Name: Vinotheque
List Price: $6,595.00
Your Price: $6,495.00
You Save: $100.00 ( 1% )

Product Details

Elegance and affordability come together to create this truly unique full-length window door style. Each cabinet is handcrafted from Cherry wood with glazed distressing offering its own uniqueness. The Vintage View racking will hold all of the traditional sized bottles as well as Pinot Noir Chardonnay and Syrah. The flexible designs create stunning visual displays that incorporate a modern and forward thinking aesthetic coupled with the benefits of prompt bottle recognition open airflow and competitive storage. Cherry wood offers a fine grain and smooth texture. There are a number of interesting grain variations and colors. It is not uncommon to have some minor gum deposits throughout. Cherry wood will have many color variations ranging from red to yellow and green all on the same piece. This color discrepancy offers the challenge in natural and light staining because it can be pronounced. It accepts stain and finish well. Made with an N'FINITY cooling unit exclusively for Wine Enthusiast. Automatically adjusting to ambient temperatures to maintain ideal wine storage conditions the N'FINITY Cooling Unit does exactly what you want it to do: ensures your wines taste their very best. Cherry Wood Exterior window door and N'FINITY cooling unit Capacity: 90+ bulk storage * 34 1/2'W x 78 1/2'H x 25 1/4'D Weight: approx 350 lbs. (Does not include shelving or wine) Includes: LED light mahogany wood racking 1 display row and knobs & locks. Warranty: 2 year on Parts & Labor and 5 years on the compressor 5 years on cabinet Temperature Range: 50-60F (+/-1F)Maximum Ambient Temperature: 80F

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