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Vinotheque Bay Window with N'FINITY Cooling Unit

Vinotheque Bay Window with NFINITY Cooling Unit

Manufacturer Name: Vinotheque
List Price: $10,995.00
Your Price: $10,479.00
You Save: $516.00 ( 4% )

Product Details

This cabinet provides a creative wine storage solution maximizing wine storage space while minimizing cabinet footprint and overall space requirements. This unique six door wine cabinet is designed to fit into a corner taking advantage of space that is often not usable. In addition to its excellent wine storage capacity this cabinet looks great and provides distinct V-Shaped display racking behind two center glass doors. Alder is characterized by its straight grain and even texture. Its appearance can range from pale red to reddish brown with an indistinct boundary between heartwood and sapwood. Alder is a softer wood than maple and cherry and can dent relatively easily but offers a stable surface for stain. Made with an N'FINITY cooling unit exclusively for Wine Enthusiast. Automatically adjusting to ambient temperatures to maintain ideal wine storage conditions the N'FINITY Cooling Unit does exactly what you want it to do: ensures your wines taste their very best. Stores up to 279 Bordeaux size wine bottles using larger size bottles will reduce capacity. Alder Wood Exterior window door and N'FINITY cooling unit Capacity: Up to 279 bottles* 65 1/2'W x 80 1/2'H x 32 1/4'D Weight: approx 550 lbs. (Does not include shelving or wine) Includes: LED light mahogany wood racking 1 display row and knobs & locks. Warranty: 1 year on Parts & Labor and 5 years on the compressor 5 years on cabinet Temperature Range: 50-60F (+/-1F)Maximum Ambient Temperature: 80F

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