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Preservino Wine Preservation Set

Preservino Wine Preservation Set

Features/Attributes: Professional Edition
Manufacturer Name: Preservino
Your Price: $79.95

Product Details

The Preservino Professional uses high-purity Argon gas to keep wine at the peak of freshness. The system is portable so it is ideal for preserving a bottle of wine from your favorite restaurant or at a friends home. Simply insert the Preservino Professional's injection nozzle into either one of the two included custom Professional stoppers inject the Argon gas and...voila...the Preservino Professional protects every bottle effectively. 'Click and Pour Technology' means that individual glasses of wine can be poured directly through the stopper which saves up to 67% in argon gas usage. The moment you open a bottle of wine exposure to the air begins to change its character. The Preservino Professional extends the life of an open bottle for days or even weeks. The Preservino professional uses 100% argon gas to replace air in the opened bottlethe same gas used during wine production; experts agree that argon gas is 80% more effective than any other system for wine preservation. The Preservino Professional System includes 1 Preservino Portable 1 Argon cartridge and 2 Professional series stoppers all presented in a beautiful Rosewood Gift Box. Extra stoppers and argon cartridges are available.

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