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Pek Supremo Wine Steward

Pek Supremo Wine Steward

Manufacturer Name: Preservino
Your Price: $199.95

Product Details

As Featured on HGTV Preserve uncorked wine up to 2 weeks. Open a wine bottle and it's a race against time before flavor fades. Unless it has a Steward! The Preservino system preserves the original quality of your uncorked wine for up to 2 weeks so you can enjoy delicious wine by the glass. Simply insert an opened bottle in the airtight chamber to fill it with inert Argon gas the same gas used to prevent oxidation in wine barrels. Then either re-cork your bottle or store it in the chamber which doubles as a mini refrigerator! Can accommodate oversized bottles. Includes 2 gas cartridges for up to 30 uses. Size: 15-1/2'H x 5-1/2'W x 6-1/2'D

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