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Nuance Wine Finer Deluxe

Nuance Wine Finer Deluxe

Features/Attributes: Stainless Steel
Manufacturer Name: Nuance
Your Price: $49.95

Product Details

'Highly Recommended' by Cooks Illustrated. 'Tasters agreed that this long tubelike aerator which resembles a cigarette holder made the impact on wine. It brought out 'fruity flavors' and a 'pronounced floral' aroma.' Four functions one amazing invention. Serving wine gets a whole lot simpler with the Nuance Wine Finer Aerator. Danish designers combine an aerator filter non-spill pourer and stopper into one do-it-all instrument the size of a fountain pen. Just insert the Nuance Wine Finer Aerator into your bottle and pour. Wine aerates while the stainless steel screen filters out sediment and cork. Stand your bottle upright and the pourer catches any drips. Top your Wine Finer with the stopper to enjoy a glass later. Dishwasher safe. Size: 7'H

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