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Wine Twister

Wine Twister

Manufacturer Name: Miscellaneous Brands
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Wine Twister A clever twist on aeration this great little 5-in-one gadget breathes life into your wine by oxygenating it as its poured. Using patented Oxi Pour Technology the torpedo-shaped funnel expedites the aerating process in a matter of seconds opening up your wine to its full range of flavors and aromas while softening the tannins. Offering 5 functions in one it instantly aerates prevents drips facilitates flow control provides 360 pouring from any side and doubles as a wine stopper. Whether poured into a decanter or by-the-glass it heightens the pleasure of your wine opening and closing with a twist and forming a vacuum seal that keeps the bottle fresh for up to five days. Fits all size bottles. Rubber coated its made of stainless steel and ABS plastic.

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