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Spirit Wine Perfector

Spirit Wine Perfector

Manufacturer Name: Miscellaneous Brands
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Product Details

The Spirit Wine Perfector from Danish designer Marcus Vagnby. The Wine Perfector aerates and filters wine pours without drips and covers unattractive foil edges and metal screw threads. It does all this while you serve straight into glasses at the table or cellar door. A stopper seals in the freshness so you can enjoy wine after opening. In fact the Wine Perfector does everything thats required for the perfect wine experience. The Wine Perfector Set also comes with a separate elegant stopper. Aerating The Spirit Wine Perfector has an air mixing chamber that oxygenates the wine while pouring. The built-in mesh is has precisely balanced dimensions so wine and air are mixed properly during serving. To start this process the seven built-in dual-functional tubes are supported by eight small vents positioned at the grid edge. Filtering The Wine Perfector's built-in mesh is so dense that tartar cork residues and other impurities are kept back when pouring. This ensures optimal enjoyment of the wine. The Wine Perfector simply cleaned under running water. No need for the dishwasher. Dripless Pouring It is not necessary to use napkin or drip collar in order to avoid unwanted droplets on the table. The double pouring edges of the Wine Perfector ensures no drips while serving. Airtight Stopper Leftover wine is not a problem. The separate airtight stopper ensures that wine will be kept fresh. Opened wine should be stored upright. Hides Screw Threads More and more wineries choose to use screw caps instead of corks. The Wine Perfectors outer metal casing hides the threads of screw top bottles. Screw-top bottles can be elevated to an elegant exclusive level.Made of stainless steel thermoplastic rubber silicone and polypropylene. Weight:1/2 lbs. Dimensions: 7'H X 2 3/4' W

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