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Personalized Mini Oak Wine Barrel

Personalized Mini Oak Wine Barrel

Manufacturer Name: Miscellaneous Brands
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Product Details

Want some fun? Roll out the barrel! Guests will get a big kick out of this little wine cask hand-made from American white oak. They'll be even more surprised when they see it's a real functional wine barrel---complete with spigot and bung---and not just a decor piece. Like any oak barrel it's also designed to properly age your chosen beverage be it wine beer tequila rum or any other spirit. Holds 1 2 3 or 5 liters. Reinforced with steel hoops. Sits on a wooden stand included. Comes with care instructions and storing/sterilization tablet. 1 2 3 and 5 liter Mini Oak Wine Barrels are sold separately. Personalize first line to 16 characters second line 24 characters and third line 34 characters. Sizes: 1-Liter Barrel 6-1/2'L x 4-1/2'Dia. 2-Liter Barrel 7-1/2'L x 5'Dia. 3-Liter Barrel 8-1/2'L x 6'Dia. 5-Liter Barrel 9-1/2'L x 6-1/2'Dia. Note: When curing the barrel for the first time leakage may occur. This is normal. Simply follow the instructions on sealing the barrel.

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