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Magnetic Wine Wand

Magnetic Wine Wand

Manufacturer Name: Miscellaneous Brands
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Product Details

Unlock the Hidden Treasures in Wine and Spirits The Magnetic Wine Wand Quickly Smooths Mellows and Enhances the Flavors of Wines and Spirits. Accelerates the natural ageing process Loosens the tannins in red wines Reduces the acid taste in white wines Mellows the bite in liquors By submerging a Magnetic Wine Wand directly into a beverage it quickly brings out native flavors previously only present after years of aging. The effect it creates is so much more than simple aeration or decanting. Simply open a bottle pour yourself a small sample drop in the reusable Magnetic Wine Wand give it 5 - 20 minutes pour a treated glass compare and be Amazed! Some wines may require less time while some spirits may require more time to reach optimal aging. Experiment and enjoy the process. Many premium wines especially thick skinned reds require long breathing time before becoming palatable. The Wand will allow the tannins to loosen in a fraction of the time. Young budget wines tend to be acidic have little bouquet and are usually lacking complexity and body. The effect of the Wand is especially noticeable in these wines. It quickly creates a smooth drinkable wine ... and it just gets better as the minutes pass!

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