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Magnetic Decanter Scrubber

Magnetic Decanter Scrubber

Manufacturer Name: Miscellaneous Brands
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Product Details

A clever cleaning solution for long narrow spaces such as decanters pitchers and vases this innovative tool goes where no brush or sponge has gone before. The design consists of two magnetized pieces - a spot-scrubbing knob and a silicone-scrubbing disc that work together through the glass to get at every last spot. Easy to use simply drop the silicone-scrubbing disc into your decanter with warm soapy water. Line-up the spot-scrubber knob on the outside with the silicone-scrubber disc on the inside until they lock then simply glide the knob over the hard-to-reach areas and the silicone-scrubbing disc will clean as it moves. When finished pull the knob away to release the scrubbing disc. The silicone scrubber wont scratch your fine glassware and when finished the Magnetic Decanter Scrubber rinses clean.

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