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Clef du Vin Pocket Wine Tasting Tool

Clef du Vin Pocket Wine Tasting Tool

Features/Attributes: Brushed Steel
Manufacturer Name: Miscellaneous Brands
Your Price: $99.95

Product Details

Mature young wine instantly. When dipped into wine the patented metal alloy on the tip replicates the aging process softening the tannins in young wines and improving their taste. Tested over 10 years by scientists and sommeliers this compact taste enhancer has received praise throughout Europe and is endorsed by the Wine Enthusiast Magazine testing panel. Bring it to restaurants wine shops and tastings! Comes in a gift box. (Pocket Version) Lets you see the future of any wine Determines the ideal length of time to cellar wines Unique patented device widely acclaimed in Europe and Asia Folds up pocket size with a handy carry chain Goes with you to restaurants wine shops wine tastings and traveling. An essential gift for any wine lover Lets you manage your wine cellar like you have a crystal ball. Comes in a elegantly wrapped burgundy wooden showcase box.

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