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Le Cache European Country 1400 Wine Cellar

Le Cache European Country 1400 Wine Cellar

Manufacturer Name: Le Cache
List Price: $4,999.00
Your Price: $4,299.00
You Save: $700.00 ( 14% )

Product Details

Inspired by the timeless grace of European Country furniture the Le Cache European Country 1400 is a sophisticated wine cellar in both form and function. Designed for connoisseurs who wish to showcase larger collections without ruining their dcor it is the ideal wine cellar for a living room or den. Stores up to 172 wine bottles in total 160 racked. This top of the line wine cellar provides digital temperature control and optimal humidity levels while protecting your wine from harmful UV rays and vibration. Its all-wood Interlock racking system accommodates large-format bottles and looks great under the soft interior light. Elegantly appointed with 2-pane glass door crown and base molding and hand woodcarving it is a beautiful and functional piece of furniture. Premium Cherry wood Crown and base molding Hand-carved wood trim Hardwood French door Double-pane UV protective glass Le Cache CellarPro cooling system Digital temperature display and control Top-vent exhaust SB/0 Technology Zero Set Back from Wall All-wood Interlock racking for large format bottles Low-heat interior light Security lock Available in 3 professional finishes: Provincial Classic Cherry and Chocolate Cherry Size: 78'H x 36'W x 31' D

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