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EuroCave Vin Au Verre VOV3E Wine Preserver and Dispenser

EuroCave Vin Au Verre VOV3E Wine Preserver and Dispenser

Manufacturer Name: EuroCave
Your Price: $11,995.00

Product Details

Vin au Verre VOV3E is the innovative solution to new wine drinking trends. It allows you to present a wide range of wines by the glass and serve them at an ideal temperature! It allows you to store 8 bottles opened for up to 3 weeks and keep 8 other bottles in reserve at the correct serving temperature. It is therefore ideal for the modern wine lover who wants to drink in moderation! Modern design With its stainless steel body the EuroCave Vin au Verre combines class and distinction. Its elegant appearance enables it to blend with every style of interior design. Its double glazed front ensures optimum heat insulation and provides a perfect presentation for your fine wine. Easy maintenance Stainless steel body high quality plastic tubing drip tray with removable grid; in fact everything to make daily cleaning of your Vin au Verre as easy as possible. A simple and reliable system To prevent the wine oxidizing after the bottle is opened wine that is drawn off is replaced by inert nitrogen. This allows the wines sensory qualities to be retained. For optimum reliability the input of nitrogen is controlled in several ways: 1. A pressure gauge enables the level of nitrogen remaining in the bottle to be seen at a glance. 2.In the event that the valve has not been fully closed gas leaks are avoided through the use of a timed solenoid valve which cuts off the gas supply after 30 seconds of use. 3.The regulator includes an appliance enabling serving pressure to be maintained at a constant optimum. 4. Finally an illuminated button alerts you if the nitrogen drops in pressure. Once the checks have been made simply press the button to reactivate the mechanism. Dimensions: 35 1/25' H X 33 5/8' W X 16 7/8' D * Weight: 130 LBS. Storage/Serving Capacity: 8 Standard Bordeaux Bottles* + 8 Standard in reserve Preservation of Open Bottles: Nitrogen (Aligal 1)

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