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Pink Corkcicle Wine Chiller

Pink Corkcicle Wine Chiller

Manufacturer Name: Corkcicle
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Product Details

Chill wine from the inside. Corkcicle is an easy way to chill wine without having to tote an ice bucket. Simply open your pre-chilled wine bottle pour out just a sips worth to avoid overflow and insert the pre-frozen Corkcicle. Remove the Corkcicle from the bottle prior to pouring. Hand wash and re-freeze for next use. Use Again And Again The beauty of Corkcicle lies in its easy-to-use design and simple care instructions. 1. Prep - Unbox Corkcicle & remove protective wrap. Place in freezer (for at least two hours) Pour first taste from bottle to make room for Corkcicle. 2. Use - Insert into chilled bottle. Enjoy entire bottle at perfect temperature. When removing simply tap Corkcicle on inside top of bottle to avoid dripping. 3. Clean - Wash and rinse in sink. 4. Re-Use - After cleaning return Corkcicle to freezer. Re-use over and over again. Corkcicle keeps your chilled whites at perfect drinking temperatures. It keeps your lighter chilled reds at perfect drinking temperatures. And it even brings those heavier room temperature reds down to more suitable drinking temperatures. Corkcicle really does make it easy to experience any wine at the perfect temperature every time. Visit our blog for more information about proper wine service temperature.

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