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CellarCool CX Series Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

CellarCool CX Series Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Manufacturer Name: CellarCool
Your Price: $995.00

Product Details

The CX series is an economical cooling solution designed for cellar enthusiasts who are on a budget. CellarCool's cooling units ensure that the ideal humidity (50%-70%) and temperature (55F-58F) are maintained for the proper preservation and maturation of wines. All CellarCool wine cooling units are tested and calibrated to ensure their reliability longevity and durability. Designed for simple through-the-wall installation the unit fits between standard wall studs and the rear flange eliminates the need for a support shelf. The CX Series are compact self contained units. The CX series has a 30F temperature differential. In order to keep your cellar at 55F the area the units is exhausting into should not exceed 85F which makes interior installation ideal for all CX units. The 45 angle fans help circulate the cellar air efficiently and allows the unit to minimize its run time. Made In The U.S.A. Easy Installation Heavy Duty Coils State of the Art Controller Dynamic Air-Flow Circulation 30 F temperature differential Durable and Attractive Housing Muliple Mounting Positions Excellent Customer Service Made in the USA Two year parts and labor warranty

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